Primary Value: Our customers’ happiness comes first; we also work tirelessly on everything else…

When you aim to build a brand over time, it is essential that you know exactly what you stand for. At Proenza, we stand for happiness, satisfaction and friendship. There are a fair few jewellery retailers out there 😊: bigger, glossier, with more means than we have… so we do not aim to compete. Everyone needs to find their niche, the one thing they are best at , and offer this to their customers. At Proenza we offer beautiful gemstones at affordable prices but, most of all, we offer friendship. My sole purpose in developing my company, is to create a small but powerful Proenza Tribe, friends of the brand who wear it, love it and give us feedback on how we can do better every time. The dream is to offer a personal service: if we don’t have what the customer wants at a given time, we will find it and we will bring it to them, in record time!

Together with our customers, our artisans are the second most important element of our business. They are our partners and their welfare and happiness is paramount in our minds and actions.

Over the last twenty years, my career has taken me around the world, and I have met some incredible people who make beautiful pieces of furniture, wall art, décor, tableware, linens, rugs…..and now Jewellery. It’s the kind of stuff we all have in our homes, or wear every day, often without a second thought to the love and attention to detail that goes into hand making anything.

When I started Proenza, the thought at the front of my mind was that I wanted these people to be celebrated for their incredible work and that I would do everything in my power to make sure my customers knew what goes into making the item of jewellery they have, or are about to purchase.

Behind every Proenza piece there is a human story; whenever I have travelled to meet new potential partners, I have been met with enthusiasm, friendly smiles and a genuine desire for cooperation that have completely won me over. Of course, we are all working for a wage at the end of the day, but you will never find a more passionate and dedicated person than he/she who makes things by hand. There is ART in what they do and I will always work tirelessly to make sure this is recognised by our Proenza tribe and beyond.

Working with different cultures and social situations requires a great deal of understanding and tolerance, and the utmost respect for who they are and what they need from us in order to be able to produce what we need from them. In every country that I work with, I have found incredibly dedicated people, with amazing design ideas , who have made our collaboration easier and more fruitful.

Because we want to make sure we bring you the best, we work tirelessly to make sure this is accomplished in the most satisfactory conditions and complying with the laws established for this purpose:

Proenza Jewellery has a commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices, including respect for human rights. We are fully supportive of the Modern Slavery Act, and we are committed to combating slavery, forced labour, human trafficking and other unlawful and/or unethical practices throughout our business and the businesses of our suppliers.

Our core value of respect for all those with whom we work in Spain, Turkey and India demands that we conduct regular inspections of work premises and we are fully informed of the supply chains our partners engage with, when acquiring raw materials such as gemstones, metals, etc…

We strongly uphold the values of integrity and social responsibility and we will not tolerate any unlawful or unethical behaviour in any dealings with manufacturers

We also expect all our suppliers to adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards, and to operate free from discrimination, slavery, forced labour and human trafficking.

In addition, and consistent with standard anti-corruption/bribery practices, we believe firmly in the value of due diligence, and the importance of getting to know our suppliers well in order to build long-term relationships based on trust and integrity.

Upholding all of the above is essential for a sustainable business and we are fully committed to each and everyone of the stated values


Silvia x